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You don't have to be the guy who wants to cycle the world. But how about cycling several kilometers every day? Cycle for your health, because it`s so easy...


Xaver Mayr (30) born in Erding, Germany. 
From the first homeland cycling trips and Alpine Crossings to dream destinations like Patagonia, the Rocky Mountains or the Australian Outback. Reaching physical limits, challenging weather conditions and demanding landscapes are the attractions of long distance cycling to me. There are still enough streets to explore...

Around the World Solo

My last successful challenge. 20.615 km / 13 countries / 80 days

Tourdiary. Summer 2019.

Day 80: "just another 1.4 km to go...and I did that too..."

Freiburg - Erding (GER)
403 km

Around the World Solo:
20.615 km - 85.000 meter of elevation - 74 cycling days
279 km average per cycling day - 257 km average overall - 24 flat tyres

finally arrived and thanks for following...

Day 79: "Endlich wieder in Deutschland! What a final tomorrow: 375 km on day 80...but hey...let's do it..."

Beaune (FRA) - Freiburg (GER)
297 km

Day 78: "an important step today and still a good chance to reach Erding within my time limit..."

Bourganeuf - Beaune (FRA)
313 km

Day 77: "one spin after another, from hill to hill, from town to town and from coffee to coffee..."

Casteljaloux - Bourganeuf (FRA)
279 km

Day 76: "even a prayer can't help...time keeps running..."

Pamplona (ES) - Casteljaloux (FRA)
283 km

Day 75: "buenos dias Castilla y León...vamós a Pamplona..."

Ayllon - Pamplona (ES)
282 km

Day 74: "two birthday presents today: heavy legs and headwind! Thank you but it would not have been necessary...

Piedrahíta - Ayllon (ES)
241 km

Day 73: "Spain: between history and panel flats..."

Estremoz (POR) - Piedrahíta (ES)
320 km

Day 72: "after 24 hours of regeneration (powered by Jules Verne) back in Europe and through the last desert on the way back home...."

Lisbon - Estremoz (POR)
174 km

Day 71: "bite X bite...18.023 km and the fourth stage is too..."

Elkins (WV) - Washington D.C.
291 km

Day 70: "The Appalachian Mountains...where everything began..."

Athens (OH) - Elkins (WV)
263 km

Day 69: "reaching physical limits is an attraction of long distance cycling to me...who wrote that? I can't remember..."

Richmond (IN) - Athens (OH)
289 km

Day 68: "the yellow corn in endless cornfields..."

Rantoul (IL) - Richmond (IN)
337 km

Day 67: "I feel like a slow cooked Christmas goose...what a humid heat..."

Mount Pleasant (IA) - Rantoul (IL)
347 km

Day 66: "Not today, but who knows? Cool down in Mount's necessary..."

Fairfield - Mount Pleasant (IA)
37 km

Day 65: "Iowa, my favorite state so far. Maybe not the landscape but the people are just great..."

Red Oak - Fairfield (IA)
287 km

Day 64: "10.000 miles for X on the sixtysix...."

Grand Island (NE) - Red Oaks (IA)
305 km

Day 63: "I like the combination of cognac brown leather gloves and white socks in flip flops..."

Ogallala - Grand Island (NE)
307 km

Day 62: "from the mountains to the prairies..."

Fort Collins (CO) - Ogallala (NE)
311 km

Day 61: "with the highest point of the journey and almost 17.000 meters of elevation during the last 7 days an amazing first week in the US comes to an end..."

Steamboat Springs - Fort Collins (CO)
262 km

Day 60: "hopefully more colorful like that..."

Vernal (UT) - Steamboat Springs (CO)
271 km

Day 59: "if I can't fix my bike anymore I need are my road angel!!"

Santaquin - Vernal (UT)
289 (-19) km

Day 58: "beat the heat and kill the hill..."

Majors Place (NV) - Santaquin (UT)
315 km

Day 57: "Austin, Hickison, Pinto, Pancake, Little Antelope, Robinson and Conners: my seven summits today...what an exhausting day..."

Austin - Majors Place (NV)
282 km

Day 56: "back again in sweet home desert..."

Minden - Austin (NV)
302 km

Day 55: "If I had an instagram account..."

Fairfield (CA) - Minden (NV)
283 km

Day 54: "special landmarks...after a long flight the first miles in California"

San Francisco - Fairfield (CA)
172 km

Day 53: "it's their turn now...after 13.072 km I've reached my third stage goal...from this day forward it's going to be only: 25 degrees plus, 25 plus...25, 25, 25 plus..."

Jugiong - Sydney (AUS)
282 km

Day 52: "getting closer..."

Narrandera - Jugiong (AUS)
218 km

Day 51: "I've the feeling like I've seen that before...maybe a thousand times?!"

Balranald - Narrandera (AUS)
301 km

Day 50: "they must have had a pretty long ladder for that..."

Renmark - Balranald (AUS)
300 km

Day 49: "headwind, cold and time pressure...Australia starts to become a pretty stressful matter..."

Crystal Brook - Renmark (AUS)
286 km

Day 48: "and if he has not died he is still cycling today..."

Kimba - Crystal Brook (AUS)
267 km

Day 47: "that's what they really are..."

Ceduna - Kimba (AUS)
313 km

Day 46: "a forgiving end of a bad week...from tomorrow: just seven days to Sydney..."

Nullabor Roadhouse - Ceduna (AUS)
297 km

Day 45: "not much going on here in Nullabor..."

Border Village - Nullabor Roadhouse (AUS)
183 km

Day 44: "watch out for kangaroos during early shift...they are crossing streets like kamikazes..."

Cocklebiddy - Border Village (AUS)
286 kmi

Day 43: "snooze mode on..."

Balladonia - Cocklebiddy (AUS)
249 km

Day 42: "quite urgent today - not just once..."

Norseman - Balladonia (AUS)
191 km

Day 41: "just to make sure that I'm still hungry...hero turtle revival..."

Southern Cross - Norseman (AUS)
362 km

Day 40: "one of the next 13 sunsets...not much daylight in Australia's winter...."

Northam - Southern Cross (AUS)
275 km

Day 39: "bike service, warm up and of course no Australia without that it's done..."

Perth - Northam (AUS)
92 km

Day 38: "arctic cold with Miat faster please..."

Perth (AUS)

Day 36/37: "where are all the yurts? Ulan Bator got an upgrade - waiting for the flight..."

Ulan Bator (MNG)

Day 35: "either he was too slow or I was too fast...after 9.171 km and an average of 278 km per cyclingday I've reached my second stagegoal..."

Bayanchandmani - Ulan Bator (MNG)
81 km

Day 34: "no country for roadbikes...pothole paradise..."

Altanbulag - Bayanchandmani (MNG)
279 km

Day 33: "border crossing marathon with the greengrocer. Cyclists prohibited..."

Ulan Ude (RUS) - Altanbulag (MNG)
237 km

Day 32: "on the last kilometers in Russia. If I will come back? Probably not for cycling..."

Vydrino - Ulan Ude (RUS)
281 km

Day 31: "it took some time that Russia shows it's beauty"

Irkutsk - Vydrino (RUS)
190 km

Day 30: "cycling in rain? Under no down in Irkutsk"

Irkutsk (RUS)

Day 29: "6 flat tyres but a great breakfast at Sergej's including 3 different radio channels in the background..."

Salari - Irkutsk (RUS)
216 km

Day 28: "into the wideness of Siberia! I think I was right..."

Nizhneudinsk - Salari (RUS)
310 km

Day 27: "finish line in Nizhneudinsk!"

Nizhniy Ingash - Nizhneudinsk (RUS)
261 km

Day 26: "there's got to be enough time for that..."

Krasnojarsk - Nizhniy Ingash (RUS)
294 km

Day 25: "time to tell you a secret..."

Atschinsk - Krasnojarsk (RUS)
216 km

Day 24: "tired, but very satisfied..."

Kemerovo - Atschinsk (RUS)
367 km

Day 23: "German-Croatian friendship! These guys make 400 km per day...challenge accepted!"

Novosibirsk - Kemerovo (RUS)
291 km

Day 22: "6.000 km and already 6 years older...estimated arrivalage: 49"

Barabinsk - Novosibirsk (RUS)
302 km

Day 21: "not a single meter more..."

Omsk - Barabinsk (RUS)
343 km

Day 20: "rolling stones gather no moss"

Ischim - Omsk (RUS)
338 km

Day 19: "Autopilot switched on..."

Kurgan - Ischim (RUS)
323 km

Day 18: "mud season in Western Siberia "

Tscheljabinsk - Kurgan (RUS)
274 km

Day 17: "a half day off in Tscheljabinsk. Should be enough sightseeing."

Slatoust - Tscheljabinsk (RUS)
146 km

Day 16: "after 15 h and more than 3.000 hm a long and cold sunday in the Urals comes to an end"

Ufa - Slatoust (RUS)
301 km

Day 15: "cracked spokes? No problem for bikestore Veloterra in Ufa: the best store I've ever entered. After 4.120km I've reached my first stagegoal"

Oktjabrski - Ufa (RUS)
191 km

Day 14: "turn the camera just a little bit and it looks even steeper"

Tschistopl - Oktjabrski (RUS)
271 km

Day 13: "crossing a small tributary of the Wolga Ocean"

Tscheboksary - Tschistopl (RUS)
311 km

Day 12: "thrill on russian motorways"

Dserschinsk - Tscheboksary (RUS)
287 km

Day 11: "time to celebrate? N(ot)yet"

Noginsk - Dserschinsk (RUS)
347 km

Day 10: "always focused"

Schachowskaja - Noginsk (RUS)
269 km

Day 9: "a big step towards Moscow..."

Welikije Luki - Schachowskaja (RUS)
326 km

Day 8: "after an extended border ceremony, first diving lessons in Oblast Pskow"

Rezekne (LV) - Welikije Luki (RUS)
222 km

Day 7: "a rare guest so far....tomorrow: the last border for the next 6.500 km...Russia we're coming..."

Vilnius (LT) - Rezekne (LV)
286 km

Day 6: "water the horses..."

Suwalken (PL) - Vilnius (LT)
246 km

Day 5: "days are already long in Polish swamp"

Plonsk - Suwalken (PL)
291 km

Day 4: "amazing street art in Silesia. The bus did not come, probably never..."

Czestochowa - Plonsk (PL)
261 km

Day 3: "mountains don't have to be tall..."

Prostêjov (CZE) - Czestochowa (PL)
258 km

Day 2: "vegan Falafel with fried lenses avocado salad was sold out. So I ordered pig's stomach. Welcome to Eastern Europe!"

Grein a.d. Donau (AUT) - Prostêjov (CZE)
276 km

Day 1: "just another 19.998,6 km to go"

Erding (GER) - Grein a.d. Donau (AUT)
279 km

Day 0: "exercising"

No success without exercising 

After almost 90.000 km during the last three years I'm ready for the next challenge.

Some impressions of past tours.

North Cape 

"from Erding to North Cape along the Norwegian Coast and Lofoten"

4.700 km

South America 

"the try to cycle the length of South America in one piece...did not finish..."

5.900 km


"from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia following the famous Carreterra Austral and RN40 "

4.900 km

Down Under

"from Perth to Sydney through Nullabor and the heat of Adelaide Hills"

4.400 km

Los Andes

"from Mendoza to Cusco over the highest mountain passes of the Andes and through Atacama Desert"

3.500 km


"a roundtrip through the 16 states of Germany"

2.500 km

The Balkans

"cycling through the Balkans and Alps from Thessaloniki to Erding"

2.300 km

Cross Country

"from L.A. to Miami through the Southern States of America"

4.600 km


"the two islands of New Zealand from South to North"

1.600 km

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